NOTICE BOARD: Event cancelled: Seeking 24 artists

by AruneshwarASingh, Nov 30, 2013, 5:24:01 AM


Supernatural Graphic novel

by AruneshwarASingh, Nov 22, 2013, 9:35:33 PM

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Anyone interested in taking part in helping me get my supernatural graphic novel illustrated? The first 11pgs are already done, so there is already character designs to work off. What I would like is to get different artists doing 2pgs each so there won't be too much for one, person to do. The story is about a, seriel killer priest and about angels and demons.


Devious Journal Entry

by AruneshwarASingh, Jan 23, 2013, 9:50:36 AM

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Hi, All. Happy New Year.

Been a while since I have been on here. I have been trying to keep myself well, as I suffer from chronic pain syndrome, also...

Because I have been writing for an India-based comic book entertainment site called Comic Addicts, writing articles and reviews on comic releases, dvd releases, movies and manga.

I also write for my own blogsite as well.

1. I currently have my 'The Circle' graphic novel on there, loading a page, a day of the 148pgs.

2. I am currently writing a special sci-fi/fantasy novella based on Lucid Dreaming just for blog. Its my first work of fiction, prose, for nearly 7yrs. I write a chapter a page and upload a page a week, s I have chosen to write a page a week, for 52 weeks.

3. I also have been posting the first issue of my first full-color sci-fi graphic novel, every other week.

4. Been writing researched articles for both my blog and the Comic Addicts wordpress site.

5. Coloring a 6 issue comic mini-series, that I wrote and Mike Burbeck illustrated. I changed the coloring style so many times, because I am a not a skilled colorist. And its been a long journey arriving at a color palet and style. I had to put this on the back burner while I started a business, and didn't have time to finish this earlier :(

6. Still suffering from chronic pain syndrome. Lots of pills. With all this aside, I am just glad to finally be on medication that allows me to continue using my skills, despite taking a long time doing it.

7. I have been writing a screenplay for a zombie movie that isn't a zombie movie. Nearly finished. I first came up with the plot and concept while at film school in mid-2005. Its interesting to see how little the concept changed. But I had to tweak a back story for it though.

8. Finished a very cool supernatural graphic novel script called, Templeton's Rise & Fall©

a graphic novel that includes the Garden of Eden and maybe the end of the world. I paid an artist to illustrate and ink some character designs, when I had spare cash. More here:…

I wish I had spare cash so I could get it finished 'cos the story is awesome.

9. Wrote a one-shot Superhero comic book about a completely new set of heroes. I wrote it as a comedy with superheroes.

If anyone is interested in any of my work or anything, you can leave me a message on twitter:


Devious Journal Entry

by AruneshwarASingh, Jul 17, 2012, 2:51:07 AM

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Been a year an a half since I posted on here. Finally finished my 'The Circle' graphic novel and looking for a publisher as well as putting it up on a crowdfunding site:… to see if I can raise funds for self-publishing.

Been working over several other graphic novel projects. Writing a virus/zombie graphic novel script.

Finished a 2nd supernatural graphic novel script. I had a guy illustrate about 17 pages of art for it.

Illustrating a couple of my own graphic novels.

Writing articles and reviews for


2011 wow

by AruneshwarASingh, Feb 15, 2011, 3:58:41 AM

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Okay, so,

To start the year off I finished my Bachelors Degree in Digital Media -Digital Film-making finally by doing the last two papers necessary left to complete the degree. Got an A for my Thesis and a B for the first volume of my 3 volume graphic novel about the Indenture Labor Period in Fiji in the 1900.

Then also, completed The Circle mini-series off with 6 issues.

currently trying to complete a fan fiction/which i am hoping will be more than fan fiction as I wish to send it off to Vertigo as a standalone graphic novel complete with art, so I a am currently looking for an illustrator.

Mike Burbeck is finishing re-doing all the 6 issues of our superhero series to his liking.

Doing Diploma in Multi-Media as I want to be able to create websites and do animation as it will be something to add to my belt, since next year I am off to teachers college to do a Diploma in Secondary Teaching so that I can travel and teach.



The Circle issue 1 of 6 finally online.

by AruneshwarASingh, Feb 17, 2010, 5:50:55 AM

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The Circle issue 1 of 6 finally online. Yay!

by AruneshwarASingh, Feb 11, 2010, 11:50:17 AM

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Yeah thats right after starting the project over 2.5yrs ago, back in 07, I finally got the first issue up on myebooks.

Spent all this past week fighting various issues of pixelation and the trials of moving between programs trying to save to different graphics editors to make sure the images don't look like I have just photocopied then and enlarged the images, that would have been easier lol.

No, thousands of hours were spent moving and clicking 5 different mouses both wired and wifi since I began the project. Battling the tediousness of doing the project. Fighting the shear, "Why the hell am I doing this anyway?" days. But no, its done the first issue is where I could take it to, before throwing my poor laptop against the wall and making it carry out a Hari Kari on itself.

So, yes, The Circle won.

And as a first graphic novel, I am okay with it, knowing that it is the beginning of many more as I look at the other 5 issues as well as the INCREDI GIRL, 6 issues mini-series sitting on my laptop waiting to be colored.

Mike is ready to get his book out there as well and the two of us are waiting for the coloring of the first issue and then its on myebooks.

PLS check it out.



by AruneshwarASingh, Jan 4, 2010, 2:50:42 PM

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As you can imagine setting up a new line of graphic novels can be a busy ordeal and trying at times with managing time...


Mike Burbeck has completed illustrating the Vol. 1 of our superhero/manga style- well thats what I am labeling it anyway- which consists of 144pgs and 6 issues in total. I have just about finished lettering the last issue and then its off to coloring the first issue.

Mike has also began work on 2 covers for the single issue volumes of the series.

He has also begun to create characters for a Sci Fi series which I have written. The first graphic novel is a complete story arc which could well take over a year for Mike to complete, but the awesome news is that he is doing it all in his style, whereas he was having to accommodate another artists style for the superhero/manga GN.

So, I am really looking forward to seeing those.

The Sci Fi series is based on a film script I wrote which takes place across 3 planets simultaneous as the story takes a huge jump after the end of the first volume.

Like Hitman, Sci Fi, Crime/Drama, Aliens, Politics, well this is the book for you.

I wrote the series as a year TV series with the 1st Season complete with 11 hr long episodes, with 1 TV pilot and a 2nd Season pilot. Quite a big undertaking as I imagine it as a 5yr TV series with 5 movies and 55 episodes. Yeah, I know huge undertaking.

Mike is also coming onboard to help work on a iPhone Game App with us.


Currently busy Lettering Vol.1 Issue 6 of the superhero/manga series as mentioned above. Then trying my hand at coloring it. Still need to buy a Wacom. If, any Aucklander has one sitting around they aren't using -I could put it to good use.

THE GIRMIT graphic novel...

Finished writing the first 2 Issues of the 12 issue story. Sent an outline through to a local Artist. Hoping to hear back soon about whether he is interested or not.

ZOMBIES!!! ...

No thats not the title. But yes I have been trying to write a zombie story for a while. I have had the complete outline done for awhile now. I have a former workmate who is really into zombies and so he has been on my case to get the story done.

I have completed the 1st 9 pgs which is my standard for a intro to a book. I like to space it over 9pgs as it allows me to tell the setup properly and not rush it. This is the same with The Girmit as that one has a 9pg prologue as part of the setup.

A list of work in progress.

1. The Circle -graphic novel completed 154pgs. Crime/Drama

2. Superhero/Manga -Vol. 1 (6x 28 pg issues)Illustrated, currently being lettered.

3. Zombie Story -graphic novel started writing.

4. The Girmit -historical fact-based fiction, 2 issues written.

5. Untitled Sci Fi -graphic novel, under construction.

6. A iPhone game app with a comic book one-shot tie in.

The Superhero/Manga, Zombie Story & Untitled Sci Fi will keep us tied up for the next year or so. I know it will tie me up for a while.

Well, thats all I can remember for an update. Its been 2 months since my last confession, so I am sure it will probably be another 2mths till my next.

Keep Well :)


I just survived Armageddon....

by AruneshwarASingh, Nov 8, 2009, 4:41:26 AM

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Hi, Guys and Gals.

Anyone who walked past the Gotham Comics and DMC Comics knows there was this cool skinny guy with a walking stick talking pictures of costumes people from behind the DMC table.

Yeah well that was me and I took around 200 pics. Most os these are on my Rising Sun Comics Page on Facebook. So drop by and leave a comment on the photo thats of you. As I don't 99% of the ppl I took pics of it will be cool if you would Fan the page so I know who has visited.

Also, it was cool to see the interest in New Ground's 12th release and it was overwhelming to see the amount of ppl in attendance. If I wasn't ill I would have been there the whole weekend but the 10hr day on Saturday was all my poor body could handle. I was after only supposed to be there for 2hrs.


Recovering from a very bad Viral Infection

by AruneshwarASingh, Oct 7, 2009, 8:35:01 PM

Journals / Personal

Yeah, 5 days of elevating hell and then a visit to the Dr and meds helps to kill the pain and bug and now its electrolytes and small amounts of food and little work and catch up on The Circle gn work.

Looking forward to Armegeddon. My 2nd time ever, and to think I actually will be showcasing a preview of The Circle in DMC Comics, New Ground anthology. This is something I am overwhelmed by and very grateful to Jeremy Bishop at Gotham Comics in Onehunga, NZ. Gotham Comics will also have a table and shop area at Army, so support local businesses.

I can finally admit, I AM A GEEK!!!

I fave shows currently are The Big Bang Theory, Smallville, Dollhouse.


Life Update....Graphic Novel.... Health....

by AruneshwarASingh, Sep 6, 2009, 12:59:17 AM

Journals / Personal

Well, I would like to apologise to all me Deviant friends for not being on here.

My health is slowly getting worse and I have been spending more time on Facebook and working with 'The Circle' Graphic novel.

Currently all the at work is finished on The Circle, and I am nearing the completion of the speech bubbles. This work is done in Illustrator and I have created my own bubbles as I don't like the standard ones and wanted my own style. I am also tidying up the art as I place the speech bubbles.

I have found the eyes are the hardest thing to illustrate.

All my updates are on

Both Mike Burbeck and I are continuing to work on our Untitled Superhero Anime graphic novel. Mike is halfway through illustrating the 4th issue/chapter and the art work looks great and I am grateful to be working with him.

As, I near the completion of The Circle I am already looking to start work on DIRT, my next Graphic Novel project.

The 1st 5 pages of The Circle has been accepted for DMC comics next issue to be released at Armegeddon 09 in Auckland in October, so I am looking forward to this as it will finally give Rising Sun Comics NZ some validity.


The Circle' Graphic Novel illustrations finished.

by AruneshwarASingh, May 14, 2009, 4:22:56 AM

Journals / Personal

Just finished Illustrating 'The Circle' Graphic Novel. Took me nearly 2yrs of working part with on and finally got the 134pgs finished. sigh. Now the speech bubbles. sigh.


Colorist needed...

by AruneshwarASingh, Apr 7, 2009, 6:55:07 PM

Journals / Personal

Listening to: Faith No More -Angel Dust

Reading: Facebook updates

Watching: The Big Bang Theory

Playing: Mafia Wars

Eating: The cake I baked

Drinking: Coffee

Hi all,

Currently my illustrator, Mike is working on the second issue of a 6 issue Superhero Graphic Novel.

We need a Colorist with a vertigo/transmetropolitan style. We are looking to sell this online but are also looking to start a small press/online publisher biz so this may get printed.

This would not be a one-off project. If we like working with you then there will other projects as we are planning 2 a year. So, please be aware this is not a small task or a casual splash in the pan ask.

So if you, or if someone you know is interested, I would like to hear from you.




Small Press Update...

by AruneshwarASingh, Apr 6, 2009, 2:46:58 AM

Journals / Personal

Listening to: 10000days- Tool

Reading: Comic Industry News

Watching: Life on Mars -US Version, Harvey rocks

Playing: Mafia Wars

Eating: Whittakers Chocolate -macadamia block

Drinking: water

As mentioned...

I am currently doing a business course to start my own small press/online publisher.

We have moved into our new abode and after 10 days we finally have internet at home.

The business plan is going well and hopefully will have stuff moving a bit faster.



by AruneshwarASingh, Mar 10, 2009, 5:36:46 PM

Journals / Personal

Listening to: King for a Day -Faith No More

Reading: Comic Industry News

Watching: Big Bang Theory

Playing: Mafia Wars

Eating: Whittakers Chocolate -macadamia block

Drinking: water

1. Well, we got a reprieve on Section 92A of the NZ Copyright Law yesterday. Its been postponed till the end of March.

2. I started a small business course to look at starting a Small Press publishing house for Graphic Novels on 23rd. -Through which I am looking to publish THE CIRCLE GN later this year, if all goes well. I got quotes in. So far, they don't appear appetizing. :) I need a sugar daddy.

3. The course runs for 6 wks/5 days a week. And its playing havoc on my injuries. You could say I am literally suffering for my art. :P

4. I had a 'hearing' with a Mediator, my Lawyer and the Accident Compensation (ACC). The ACC lady kept repeating to us things we already knew. I think she forgot I have a lump on my C4 Spinal Disc and sitting gives me pain and pain makes me angry.

*****Update: WE are proceeding with the action to go to a full review in court.

5. Trying to write a 20pg Business Plan, due next week and while daily doing a 40pg business plan as part of the course.

*****Update: Nearly finished with the course, just need to finish my finance bits.

6. Being a Godfather and Running a Mafia Wars Family Clan [COSA NOSTRA] on Facebook after assembling it with one of my best friends, from scratch in under 2 mths. Trying to keep alliances with 3 other Clans secure.

7. Changing the name of my Comic Book Company.

*****Update: This has been fun and accepted by the MRS. :)

8. Looking to move into a small 2 bedroom unit and leave behind my wonderful 3 bedroom house, well at least I have my photos.

*****Update: We have today (11/03/09) been accepted for a place in Pakuranga, yay.

9. Blah.

*****Update: Decided to offer my services in Editing Scripts, Graphic Layouts, Logo Designs, Promotion and Consultancy for Graphic Design etc. (I have a lot of experience and years of education and just being a fanatic when it comes to layout and art.

10. Blah, blah, blah. I had to have at least 10 updates. lol :P


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