Arunshwar A Singh

Aruneshwar is a Pacific Islander born in Fijian, whose ancestors were Girmitiyas (Indentured Laborers). He has lived in New Zealand for the past 29yrs.

The Circle is Aruneshwar's first graphic novel which has been read by over 20000 readers on myEbooks.com over the past year. There are plans to continue publishing graphic novels and comic book series in the future, through Rising Sun Comics both online as eComics as well as in printed form latter as the company progresses forward.

Aruneshwar is currently busy working on another graphic novel based on the Girmit period in the Fiji Islands. This was a dark time in the history of Fiji as Indian Workers who had been brought to Fiji as Indenture Laborers. He has created the first volume of The Girmit as part of his Independant Studies for his Bachelors Degree in Digital Media-Digital Filmmaking in New Plymouth, New Zealand.


Mike Burbeck

Mike is currently illustrating a 6 issue Superhero Mini-Series for all ages with a original Superteam created by Aru.

Mike brings his unique European style of characterisation to this international superpowered ensemble. He is close to finishing the series as all issues have been illustrated.

We hope to hav this out and available for sale in the latter half of 2011.

Mike will also be workinng on a brand new Sci Fi graphic novel once he has finished the superhero book.


We Can Help You

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