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Board Members


Hawk Graves, CFO/CEO

Jason Long

Arunshwar A Singh

Jamar Miller

Jim Masrshall

Cary Kelley

Scottie Watson



Invested Members


Lindsay Hall

Russ Patroic 

Richard Foster

Don Mancha III

Brooke Birlison

Rebeka Spake

Paul Scavitto

Ryan Daly

Andrew DiMase

Adam Roe

Wing Lam William Chong

John B. Long and Cynthia Myers Long




The charter and business license are set in California. Investors are allowed private trading and annual membership renewals.

About Rising Sun Financial

Rising Sun Financial is the parent company for all Rising Sun operations.The board of directors and investors oversee funding as well as investment. The division also formed a charter and inside trading if units in 2013. This division was stared by Jamar miller in 2002 it has scene grown to become the main head of the company.


About Rising Sun Marketing & Distribution

Rising Sun is ever growing in 2016 we formed a division allowing the company greater awareness and placement of our content. the focus on pop culture and using our global foot print to distribute and market to a wide range of audiences.

About Rising Sun Publishing

Rising Sun Publishing works with new imprints and studios that wish to print and distribute with Rising Sun. The division was started in 2016 to give more ability to our partners, to print novels, comics for older readers and more.


About Rising Sun Comics 

Rising Sun Comics is an independent publisher known for its past work in fan comics. In 2013 Hawk Graves, an Otis College of Art and Design graduate that has worked in both toys and comics since 2002, relaunched the company with a new vision of creating unique comics driven by the artists and writers that work on them. 




Rising Sun Comics was created by Jamar Miller in 2008. Jamar has eleven degrees, is financially successful, and has a happy marriage with two children in Japan and Florida. Jamar is a long time GI Joe fan and started Rising Sun Comics as a way to share his stories that expanded the GI Joe Universe. Rising Sun Comics has since released over 50 issues of comics.


Rising sun comics had began to expand in a few short years other divisions where established in Japan, New Zealand, and the United kingdom. The divisions where reformed in 2013 to be under one company.

Jamar was inspired by GI Joe characters created for the UK Battle Action Force series as well as Joe characters from other countries and toy lines. He has written a complex story that interweaves multiple stories from different series. Some of these story lines reference comics from as far back at the 1980’s.

The uniqueness of these international characters and the adventure waiting in their untold stories is Rising Sun Comic's main goal. An additional goal is to help foster up and coming talents, and help them get exposure and notability in the comic field. So that one day these talents might get their foot in the door with the bigger, for profit companies. Jamar has volunteered his time doing this and accepts no money under any circumstances. Rising Sun Comics fan related books is a NON PROFIT ENDEAVOR.


Rising Sun Comics G.I.Joe, Cops, Mask, Jem fan related books were never released in comic book stores and were only available through the internet. They were available for only a shipping and handling fee, and sold privately not for profit. They are not officially endorsed by Hasbro.

About Rising Sun Divisions

Rising Sun Financial is the parent company for all investments, the board set here as individuals run the divisions.

Rising Sun Publishing is where all our books are managed and sold with marketing and distribution.

Red Handed Studios

Imprint with the highest quality books.

Enemy Transmission

Imprint of RSC US

Rising Sun Comics Non-Profit this is all our non owned book, the fan content.

Rising Sun comics United States is our US creator owned books all intend to be PG.

Rising Sun comics New Zealand/ Trans-Tasman a more adult content with various groups participating.

Rising Sun comics Japan our Japanese comics, manga related material.

Blood For The Baron our sister site ran on its own with affiliation with RS.

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